Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Growing up, there was always one woman who stole my heart and to be honest I don’t think any will again. She was the iconic Glamazon of animation past who embodied fully Rock’n’Roll, Punk Rock Rebellion. She was of course the green haired queen of mean, Rock Star extraordinaire, Pizzazz, arch nemesis of 80’s goodie goodie animated sap Jem of Jem And The Holograms.


Unlike every other female ’role model’, Pizzazz was unashamed to go after what she wanted without regard for anyone else’s opinion of her let alone the confines of fashion or her gender. She was the true Hero of this show, an empowered woman, a Margaret Thatcherite Cartoon Spice Girl, clad in acid tone and animal print. Hard to watch was Jem’s weekly triumph, result of her ability to change herself and manipulate those around through the use of her magic earrings which could project holograms and change her appearance at will. Pizzazz was a bitch, but at least she was honest about it.

However it seems finally Pizzazz is having her day, at least when it comes to high street style. Perhaps due to the impact she had on my generation and their subconscious because the Pizzazz trade mark Animal (in particular zebra) print has become a key facet of this season’s must haves.


Look, even i can’t resist at donning a Pizzazz style at the recent Tranny Trash event Hosted at the club where I do the door, Trailer Trash at On the Rocks, Kingsland Road, E2.

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